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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  April 2, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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the big guy broke from the sidelines. and just like that, the goal was no longer the end zone... but the coveted blue bag. fumble! [ male announcer ] with so many real chocolate chips you'll never forget the moments that are crammed with joy, chips ahoy! scare in the sky at 36,000 feet up, a hole in the fuselage forces a passenger plane to make
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an emergency landing. on the jobs front, new numbers suggest a turn in the economy, but will world events drag down the u.s. recovery? from bad to worse, exactly where the radiation leak problems in japan might end, no one seems to know and the news from japan today is not good. this is the most talked about viral video of the week. is there more to this than just baby talk? good morning, everyone, i'm alex witt. we begin with a traveler's worst nightmare flying at 36,000 feet, a massive hole tears into the roof of a southwest airlines flight. >> i held his hand and tried to not think about the woman screaming a couple rows back and just prayed. >> i was texasing my sister to make certain that she told my kids i loved them. >> i started crying. i have an 8-month-old at home so my whole thing was am i going to see her one more time?
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and i'm just not ready. >> the phoenix flight was en route to sacramento and the fuselage broke apart forcing the plane to break apart. the pilot had to bring that plane down quickly, dropping from 36,000 feet to 11,000 this in just four minsz. >> just unreal. it sounded like an explosion, at least, but all of a sudden, there's a big sun roof in the middle of the plane, daylight running through it. >> i thought we were going down. it seemed like we were dropping pretty taft. just all unreal. >> that plane did land safely. just one person was injured, a flight attendant who fainted and cut his nose. a woman who had been reading a magazine described the whole experience. >> bam, just incredible noise. then while you're trying to process what just happened, then oxygen masks come down. the next thing you know, we're
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in a steep decline. i kept waiting for someone to come on and say, don't worry, nothing is wrong. but they didn't. the crew came through and made sure everyone had their oxygen masks on and they took care of everyone. when we got down to about 10,000 feet or so, the captain came on and said there was a hole in the fuselage and we'll be make an emergency landing. it flashed through my mind, like, is this what it's like to die? you just didn't know what the end result wag goes to be. for more on this incident, nbc's mike costello will join us in a few minutes. a delta air lines plane hit a flock of birds just before landing safely in little rock yesterday. the flight was headed from atlanta to little rock when it struck the airport and the plane's nose suffered some extensive damage. you see that there. no one was hurt, though.
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and two passengers were hurt. some on the passengers and crew became duzzy and fainted after that flight took off from washington, d.c. the flight was on its way to chicago. promising new on the jobs from front this morning. the labor department at the 216,000 jabs last month. the unemployment rate fell to 8.8%. but unemployment among black americans has risen to a staggering 15.5%. many economists think inflation should continue through the year. some of america's largest companies plan to step up hiring in the next six months. google, siemens and ford motor company plan to add workers over the next six months. on capitol hill, the two sides are discussing spending cuts. president obama is pushing for a deal, but the speaker of the house says not so fast. >> we know that a compromise is
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within reach. if these budget negotiations break down, we could end up having to shut down the government. just at a time when the economy is starting to recover. >> leaders claim an agreement has been reached on this issue. but let me be clear. there is no agreement. republicans continue to fight for the largest spending cuts possible to help end washington's job crushing spending binge. the clock is ticking and the government faces a potential shutdown on april 8th unless both sides can mete ow out a compromise. >> the public is driving this debate. that's good news. but the problem is, there are two different interpretations here in washington of what the public is saying. there's no question here at the white house in the minds of people here at the white house that the public wants republicans and democrats to come together. look, cut the bickering, just
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get something done. the white house is really going out of its way to position itself in the public mind, if perception that they are being reasonable in this budget debate. you see that the president and the white house emphasizing the fact that they're coming in at $33 billion. you remember the house of representatives led by the tea party fiscal conservatives about a month ago passed a bill that would cut $61 billion from spending for the rest of the year. the democrats led by vice president biden is leading the negotiations saying, we'll meet you halfway, $33 billion. the republicans, on the other hand, many of the tea party conservatives that was vaulted john boehner into leadership in the speaker of the house saying, this is not what we want. the public wants us to cut spending. that's why we're put in here and put in charge and now year seeing many tea party conservatives becoming disenchanted for what they regard is a lack of leadership. that is what john boehner is
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dealing with on his side. you showed the calendar there, alex. we're a week out from a possible shutdown and no one can say at this point whether it's going to happen or not. but it's very clear neither side wants it to happen. will each side from the maneuverability to get out of i this, alex? >> we've got six days to get it done. we'll see what happens. >> it looks like old man winter doesn't want to leave the northeast. an april stormy covered parts of new england friday. and several motorists in portland, maine, found themselves stung on the side of the road. let's get the complete forecast. to do that, we go to nbc meteorologist bill carin peps. >> good saturday morning to you, alex. and the nation has really been split. some areas haven't experienced spring yet. let me take you into yesterday. yesterday, look at the temperatures across the board. in boston, it was 40 degrees.
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100 yesterday in phoenix. incredible temperatures. and some of that warming is going to spread this weekend into the middle of the country. on the weather map, there's not a lot of bad weather out there right now. showers from pittsburgh to d.c. we're watching that big, huge snowstorm from yesterday heading up into canada. finally in the northeast, we'll see an improved saturday. there's the weather map for today. nothing too dramatic. northern plains and northern rockies, that's that next system we're going to watch. mostly rain with some snow on the border of canada and the united states. very mild air continues in the southern half of the nation. as we go into sunday, that warm air spreads into the middle of the nation, up through the mid-atlantic. we get cooler on the west coast. sunday, that rain through pennsylvania and new york will mostly by late in the day. we'll watch the chance for strong thunderstorms late sunday night. this is pretty much after the dinner hour for most people. we'll have the threat of strong storms. alex, unfortunately, late sunday night into monday and maybe even into tuesday, we're going to
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deal with more severe weather and possibly tornados. that's the next real severe weather threat. it's that time of year. >> thank you, bill. developing now in japan, a disturbing new developments t fukushima power plant where an official says ohioly radio tich water is leaking from the plant into the ocean. let's go now live to lee cowen. another good morning. anything more coming official as they address this matter? >> well, alex, what they say is that we've heard about the water in the building s reactors. we've heard about the water nearby in the funnels in the building. this is a different place, some sort of access panel for cables. they've found highly radioactive material there. they've found a crack there. this is the first time, alex, that they've isolated the cause of radioactive leaks in the three weeks since this disaster.
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>> it's a grim turning point. the u.s. military marks three weeks since japan's disaster by helping in a final sweep for the missing. it's a massive effort, more than 100 helicopters, 65 ships, some 25,000 personnel, all searching for bodies washed ashore. on coastlines previous inaccessible. for people like makiko, she fears it's her last hope. she's been scouring lists of evacuees looking for her parents, but to no avail. to find them, she says, is my only wish. at the troubled nuclear power plant, radioactive water continues to leak into the ocean and into the groundwater, as well. there were traces found in beef. vegetable farmers whose spinach and other crops were pulled from the market last week were trying to prove to customers that not everything groan at the plant is radioactive.
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some have been farming this land for 40 years, but this greenhouse is now baron. >> so this whole thing is finish? >> i tild it under, just as he was told to do. but now he fears for his other crops, like tomatoes and cucumb cucumbers. >> so this is safe? >> really good. >> be reality and perception are two dirchbtd things. he's lost 70% of his business so far. in three weeks, he'll be planting his rice crop in this soil and that's a crop he fears that could be even further stigmatized. it will eventually turn into a life or death situation, he says. for yuki nobu and others like him, three weeks isn't the beginning of the end. it's just the end of the beginning. now, alex, back to that leak that we were talking about, what they were going to try to do is make a concrete patch for the crack in that wall.
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that they think will stop the radioactive water from leaking into the ocean. what they don't know yet is where that radioactive water is still in tcoming from in the fi place. that's what they're looking for now. >> thank you very much, lee cowen in tokyo. 2010 may not have been a great year for your wallet, but it was awesome for people on wall street. we'll show you who is at the top of the rich list. also the trouble to end the post office. some say ending saturday mail service is a no-brainer, but mrs. plenty of pushback. >> plus -- >> now i'm getting ready to file charges on you. get ready to be sued. >> what? you want money? >> new 911 tapes are out and you're going to hear them here on msnbc saturday.
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there were terrifying moments for passenger aboard a southwest plane. the pilot of the sacramento bound flight quickly dove 25,000 feet in minutes as people struggled with their oxygen masks and some even passed out. >> really, you can hear it and everyone's ears popping and oxygen masks falling, you know, the unlikely event that they fall, they fell. >> i was sleeping on the plane and all of a sudden a big pop like a pop can explosion. >> it sounded like a shot and a lot of air decompressing and it was quick and it was scary. >> nbc's tom costello following this story for us in washington. with another good morning to you, tom. let's begin at the beginning with this particular plane. what do you know about it? >> it's a 15-year-old 737. 737s, by the way, are the
8:19 am
workhorse of southwest airlines. what's really important to know on a plane is it doesn't matter how much how old the plane is as how many cycles they've had. the skin of an aircraft, every time you take off and land, it expands and contracts constantly, up, down, up, down, and a plane makes multiple takeoffs and landing through the day. that could cause metal fatigue on the aluminum metal skin of a plane which are sheets of metal fastened down with rifettes, what have you. you may recall in 2009, a southwest 737 made an emergency landing in west virginia because a hole opened up. and the hole opened up near the tail on the fuselage on the top of the plane, but near the tail. as a result of that, boeing came out and ordered 737s to be inspected for any signs of
8:20 am
fatigue. the most famous metal fatigue case was in 1988. and look what happened there. they believe that the corrosive air from the salt air there near the ocean helped rip that whole fuselage apart. one flight attendant was sucked out of the airplane, never seen again and everybody else landed safely. but that incident, alex, really drove home for the faa, for the ntsb, for the airlines the importance of looking at these planes very closely for any signs of metal fatigue. >> a couple of questions. how do they actually check? do you have men walking along the tops of these planes looking very ma particular yulgs yulsly? and swlt result of these inspections, do you think we're going to have some planes grounded? >> the way they go over a plane is with a fine tooth comb. they're obviously reluctant to walk on a plane. what they use is ultrasound technology to get a very close
8:21 am
look at the skin of an airplane and look for any abnormalities. in fact, they go down to look at .04 of an inch on a plane to analyze it for any signs of stress that may lead to some sort of a failure. now, the bigger picture, we simply don't know yet, it's too early to know what caused this hole. clearly the chief suspect has to be metal fatigue. if we find out that this particular plane had some sort of a vulnerability in the skin at that point, they might suggest that either southwest or boeing take a look at all 737s of that class for any signs of something similar. it is far too early to do that. the ntsb has just dispatched a go team from washington. the faa is en route, boeing, of course, and southwest will have investigators there. two years ago, southwest was fined $7 million because it had been failing to inspect its planes for exactly that kind of
8:22 am
a problem. now, it then went back, checked the planes, they were fine. then what happened? four years later, you had the flight in west virginia with the fuselage. this is a constant problem they have to protect against. >> something i found disconcerting, god forbid the oxygen masks dropped and apparently some people fainted because the oxygen wasn't flowing. >>ite i'm not clear if they didn't get the oxygen in time or if the oxygen wasn't flowing. >> but it does undercore that at 56,000 feet, all the oxygen in the aircraft is sucked out. you very quickly can be rendered unconscious. and that's why the flight crew, of course, immediately dawns the oxygen masks in the cockpit to get that plane down quickly and it is a very real inflight emergency. they have to put that plane down very quickly and that's why the pilot very quickly descended to 11,000 feet where everybody in
8:23 am
the cabin would have the ability to both without the mask. >> tom, i'm curious, do pilots have that same dropdown mask or do they have more sxantive mask? >> no. they have a very sophisticated, almost like a fighter pilot's mask that they can put on. >> tom costello, thanks so much. a librarian in oregon high school isn't just one in a million, she's three in a million when it comes to basketball. only diana inch picked the perfect final four bracket in the ncaa tournament. uconn huskies, virginia commonwealth. >> for me, it's been hilarious and i'm enjoying the 15 minutes of fame. it's fun. i did my bracket for fun and i'm having more fun than probably a lot of people. >> diana as the huskies and the bulldogs in the final with uconn winning it all. we'll see. a wildlife park in china, twin chinese black bear cubs
8:24 am
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[ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. wait a minute, mr. postman. thought about singing it, but felt thought better of it. the u.s. postal service is considering ending saturday mail delivery. a new government report shows the postal service could save over $3 billion by discontinuing saturday service. the agency lost more than $8 billion last year alone. i'm joined now by ed o'keefe writer for the federal iblog. good to see you. >> good to see you, alex.
8:28 am
>> that government reports that any kind of change, ed, would normally impact delivery for the catalog businesses, elderly, rural americans, as well. so if you weigh these things, good and bad, which outweighs one over the other? >> well, the postal service would tell you it's a good thing because they can't afford to keep sending mail on saturdays when there isn't much value. they also figure customers will adapt to the fact that it's five days instead of six days. but there are general concerns from this report from the government accountability office and unions and customer groups that you're putting a bunch of people out who anticipate and rely on saturday deliveries. a lot of paejs arrive on saturdays, medicine in the mail, malmagazines and catalog businesses and local community newspapers rely on saturday deliveries to get their publications to the front door. that said, the postal service says, look, we've got to do this. there isn't the volume there any more. worst case, packages will get delivered on friday or they'll wait until monday. >> let's talk about the
8:29 am
political impact here. you've got lawmakers pushing back because of two particularly important voting blocks, the elderly and small businesses, that this would be problematic for them. what is the solution here inspect how does this get implemented? >> you say they're punching back. i'd say they're not doing anything at all. and it's because they don't want to bring up an issue, and there aren't too much, that truly impact everybody in the united states. but yes, there are business concerns. there are concerns about how this would impact the elderly. however, they acknowledge this is the year they have to do it. there's a $15 million borrowing limit that runs out with the treasury this september. they have to come up with a way somehow to figure out how to, you know, fix that problem. >> so you mean that when that runs out, that's it, there's no other options to borrowing money if you need to after this year?
8:30 am
>> well, basically. and the postal workers admitted that you have to either extend the borrowing limit or you have to help them find a way to make money to lower their costs. the big proposal is to basically do away with this big annual $5 billion payment. they have to prefund the health and retiree benefits of future postal workers plannin to retire. they're the only organization in the country that has to do this. but the argument is they have to put away money now for big costs they'll have in the future. they argue if that wasn't there, they would be making number there. >> we'll talk with you again. that's it because everybody, these hedge fund managers they're going to talk about, they've brought home billions. >> that would help. >> yeah, that would help. see ya. how'd you do that? do what? you made it taste like chocolate.
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welcome back to msnbc saturday. the economy is taking a toll on many americans. a new report suggests that is not the case for hedge fund managers. they are among the richest of the rich and 2010 was a banner year for them. lisa myers has more. >> reporter: hey, el ex, good morning. on wall street, hedge fund managers are the ultimate masters of the universe. and for the very top managers, 2010 was a great year. five earned more than $1 billion. one earned almost $5 billion. that's enough to fund the entire war in afghanistan for more than two weeks. hedge fund managers are the heavyweights of wall street. they handle investments for the super rich, operate with few rules and often move the markets. and while 2010 was a stuff year
8:35 am
looking for work fog americans, the top five hedge managers stunningly took home more than $22 billion. >> for people at the top, they made a pretty terrific amount of money. >> hedge fund superstar john paulson pulled down a staggering $4.9 billion. mostly by betting on gold. >> that is actually a record number for the rich list. >> paulson earned an astounding $ $12.9 billion anticipating the collapse of the housing market. he already owns this $41 million estate in the hamptons and this year celebrated by buying this $2475 million ranch in aspen with a 35-foot glass wall and a huge home theater. number two on the list, ray dallio, at $3.1 billion. >> we're a group of independent
8:36 am
thinkers. >> number three, jim simon, $257 billion, even while officially retired. number four, david tepper, $2.2 billion. tepper likes to call himself a typical middle class guy who makes billions of dollars. >> his lifestyle is fairly humble compared to a lot of other people. >> this year, tepper picked up what appears to be his first vacation home, reportedly buying an ocean front estate in the hamp tops. he recently joked about a photo which shows up in a newspaper. >> if you look at that picture, i look like a mob boss. >> steve cohen, $1.3 billion. >> steve cohen is the quintessential big spending hedge fund manager. >> he has a mansion in greenwich. he recently put a portrait of elizabeth taylor by andy warhol
8:37 am
up for sale. do they create any value for society? after all, they didn't invent the iphone or build microsoft. >> every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything. >> reporter: now, the fund managers argue they play an important role in the capitalist system. they also point out that they pay themselves little in salary and unlike some corporate ceos, only do well if their investors also have a good year. alex. >> thank you for that. new from libya, rebels are echoing calls for a cease-fire, but only if gadhafi pulls his troops from key cities. this may be heading for a stalemate. where does it leave the obama administration? greg miller is a reporter for the washington post. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we had the president delivering the high profile speech last year. if there st a stalemate there,
8:38 am
does that bring into question all that the u.s. has risked and spent? >> well, yes. he laid out the humanitarian objective, but his goal is to have gadhafi go. it is increasingly looking like without additional support for the rebels, that outcome is not possible. >> are there separate faculties who are calling for more involvement or less involvement? who are they? how is this all working out? >> yeah. the contours of this are hard to discern from the outside. there definitely is disagreement within the administration over how far to go in supporting the rebels. and you can see some of it playing out in public. you can see that the defense secretary, robert gates, appears to be more skeptical of this mission and more skeptical of expanding this mission than others in the administration. but it's just a -- it's just not clear, you know, the president
8:39 am
himself appears to have taken sort of halting steps. he's apps appeared to have signed a find ago couple weeks ago that authorizes the cia to start arming or supporting the rebels. but he has not yet instructed the agency to do that. so he's just laid the legal groundwork for the agency to do it, but he hasn't instructed the agency to do it. so it looks like the president himself has yet to decide how far to go. >> has the administration painted itself into a corner a bit by saying gadhafi must go? if he does not go, does this then turn into immediately some sort of a losing venture for the white house? >> right. you sort of wonder whether the president wishes now he hadn't used those words in quite that way. nothing else that they have authorized in terms of the mission for u.s. forces or for the cia will achieve that end. it doesn't look like. so there is this risk that the president has now said that his
8:40 am
objective is to have gadhafi moved and if that doesn't look like that's possible, then that is going to be a source of frustration, a source of second-guessing for critics of the white house. >> greg, over the last 74 strikes or missions in the last 24 hours, the united states has only conducted ten of them. is there now an out for the white house with nato taking the lead? can the administration wash its hands of the whole thing? >> well, i don't know that they can watch their hands of the whole thing. they certainly want to minimize the u.s. role. this is an administration that recognizes the united states is already heavily involved in two war fronts and playing a leading role in a third is just probably unwise. but i don't think that the united states can completely disengage from libya because there are certain capabilities that only the united states has, certain intelligence gathering capabilities, certain weapons capabilities. and so the it's is going to be
8:41 am
drawn into this for however long this the drama plays out. >> thank you, greg. >> thank you. meanwhile, this week, president obama will host a town hall in philadelphia to rally support for his ambitious plan. then by 2035, he hopes nonoil energy sources will provide 80% of the nation's electricity. a crucial part the of america's energy future could be natural gas. on the cover of news week this week, it's shale gas and how it could power the world. and reporter brian walsh's article loose at the shale debate and with a good morning to you, thanks for being here. let's get to what's happened thursday far, bringing us to where we are. in your article, you write, quote, the history of the u.s. has been a solar coaster ride, it has been up and down and up and down. why? >> often because he see supplies coming up and coming down. the price of natural gas has
8:42 am
typed, oil will go up and it will go down. now we're seeing a real shift because you have much larger reserves in the united states that promises fairly low cost gas for years and even decades ahead. >> pennsylvania is one place, right? >> pennsylvania is at the heart of this boom. it's marcellus shale which extends from mid-ohio through pennsylvania and up through new york. and using this new hydraulic fracturing, they were able to get at gas that was not possible before. >> let's talk about the personal effects, because in this story one talk about two different people who have dramatically different results from having this done near their properties. talk about that. >> that's absolutely true. there are winners here sxleerzs here. there are winners in the sent that people if they have a lot of property, they can lease that to the gas company. you can make money that way. and the sudden influx of an industry like the gas industry brings in hotels.
8:43 am
they need restaurants, they need places to stay, they need services. if you're involved in that, you're making a lot of money. but if you own property but you don't want it drilled, you have to deal with all the impacts. you have to deal with the environmental impact. >> the water runoff. >> accidents happen. we talk about people who have had accidents happen to them. the more wells you put in, the greater chance you'll have an accident. it will happen, certainly. >> these shales, is this something that's viable to replenish a lot of what we need to supply our energy resources in this country? is it if future? >> it's one parlt of the future. we're looking for a silver bullet when it comes to the future. but this can be a very important part of it, as the president pointed out. it can help shift energy away from coal to natural gas which is cleaner. >> i was going to say, we use natural gas in our homes. you can see that, reducing our
8:44 am
dependance on foreign oil in cars and the rest? >> absolutely. not in individual cars, but if you have a truck, anything you're doing for long-term shipping, that could ship to natural gas and that would cut imports. >> brian, good to talk to you. thanks for the heads up on this. lindsay lohan's 911 call made from a rehab center is released and you're going to hear it next. inner beauty is imrtant. but not nearly as important as outer beauty. ♪ that's why i use covergirl's simply ageless makeup with olay regenerist serum. a liquid makeup can glob up in lines and wrinkles and make you look older. simply ageless stays suspended over lines and makes you look amazing. simply ageless from olay. and easy, breezy, beautiful... covergirl. ♪ and to look really amazing, start with my serum primer. ♪
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for the first time ever, california authorities have released a call made to 911. this comes days after the d.a. released he would not file charges against the actress. >> sheriff's department. we're getting a 911 call from there. >> this newly released 911 call
8:48 am
may shed like on analo alleged scuffle between dawn holland and lindsay lohan. the riverside county sheriff's department released the tape. >> i'm sorry. i'm really uncomfortable with the woman that's in our house. i've never seen her before and she's freaking me out. >> on the call, holland says lohan and two other patients snukd out and went drinking. holland claims when she caught the woman, she became belligere belligerent. >> lindsay lohan pushed me and hit me with the phone while i was talking to you. >> now i'm getting ready to file charges on you. get ready to be sued. >> what? you want money? >> then holland tells the dispatcher she wants to take legal action. >> so you want to file charges against her? >> yes, i think i do. >> representatives for lohan and holland did not return our kwps requests for comment. >> holland spoke about the incident in an interview and
8:49 am
betty ford fired her saying she violated patient confidentiality. then this past friday, prosecutors decided there wasn't enough evidence to press charges against the actress. but lohan has other problems, she was charged with stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store. lohan is still on probation stemming from a 2007 dui arrest. >> i don't think lindsay has done anything to help herself legally. >> according to t the mz, lohan told the website she wasn't drunk. the actress posted on facebook on thursday, is it not allowed to slip and fall? i'm always a includes. that same night, she attended a movie premier. >> it was her first appearance in a month. behind the scenes, she's still battling with all these demons. >> a bright, young star, dealing with a struggling past and an inconsistent future. crack a code, catch a killer, two mysterious notes
8:50 am
that could hold the answer to an unsolved murder. we have that story in our next hour. but first -- baby talk. is there any real meaning behind this cute conversation? we'll take a look. the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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so, will you seen be paying ads 5 fee at the atm? that could become a reality. jp morgan chase is testing $5 fees for noncustomers. others banks could be doing the same. the zero percentage rate credit card is coming back. consumers with a credit score of 720 or higher will see applications in the mail. and some auto shops are now offering eco friendly tune-ups. many are using recyclable windshield wipers, biodegradable engine additives and recyclable oil. ever wonder what babies are
8:54 am
trying to say? a new viral video features 7 and 0-month-old boys chatting up a storm. you have to see it. the diaper clad pair have many people wondering what are those tots saying? joining me now from cleveland, ohio, pediatric doctor. are they communicating, mimicking, what are they doing? >> they're probably doing both. they're practicing. kids need to practice language in order to learn it. it's good infliction, there's gesturing, it's facial expression. it's basically a great conversation. this is what has to happen for children to learn to communicate.
8:55 am
>> so they're learning the skills of communicating. there they've got the hand gestures and the whole thing going on. it's hilarious to see. but do you think there is an understanding between them, something of true communication going back and forth or is it enjoyment? >> there's probably some sort of understanding. the problem is we don't understand what they're saying because of their physical limitations in order to form words. >> what about parents, doctor, who say we've got twins and they do this kind of thing all the time. is it something unique to twins that they do this? >> no. when you've got two kids who are similar in age, obviously, they're going to keep each other company all the time. that means these are the ones they're going to talk to the most. they're going to have conversations back and forth and back and forth. this is not a surprising phenomenon. kids are social. kids like to talk. this is practicing working on the skills, stuff that we should
8:56 am
do with our own children. >> so this is not exceptional, this is just little kids that are practicing? can you gather anything like, oh, okay, superior intelligence, look at them a this young 17-month-old age. >> no. you can't really say that. i wish they came with subtitles. it would be great. then we would understand everything that they're saying. >> this is one of the cutest things. how about doctors, are you looking guys looking at this some smiling, laughing like everybody else and are you trying to look at it for clues? >> oh, no, no. it's a good example of what kids should be doing and it's always nice to see good things on the internet. >> i know. it is good to see something like this and it's a fun story to talk about and we've enjoyed doing so with you, dr. max from u.s. rainbows and babies children's hospital. thank you. >> thank you very much. more on our top story, a huge hole tearing through the top of a plane in midair that led to a scary dissent.
8:57 am
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